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Lina Manuel is the founder & creative party designer.

Lina has always had a love for party planning, entertaining and bringing together her family and friends for holidays and special occasions. With over thirteen years of experience as an event planner from Toronto to LA and back home to London Ontario, she learned the tricks of the trade and the most up to date trends that helped her create some extraordinary events.

Working in the industry, Lina realized she was spending many hours sourcing supplies from all over and never really finding everything necessary to fulfill her party ideas. This need of a one-stop shop for not only herself but for the Canadian consumer led Lina to create PartyStock.

"I want this site to be an online experience for party planners, professional or not. A place to shop and explore party ideas and do it yourself projects. I want our customers and followers to connect with us through our social media network and share their experiences of the amazing parties they create."

Lina's work and products have been featured on Canadian Living, the Steven and Chris show on CBC, the Roger's Daytime Show, and many online party sites. Lina's inspiration comes from every moment in her life, but most importantly from her loving family, supportive husband and three beautiful children. Her passions include a love for baking, handmade crafts, creating to-do-lists, and anything that is pink and sparkles.

To connect with Lina, you can email her at lina@partystock.ca