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Large Indigo Tissue Pom Poms

SKU#: WS43001-14
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Large Indigo Tissue Pom Poms

Available for a limited time only!
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Large Indigo Tissue Pom Poms
Our vibrant paper pom poms instantly transform your reception decor. Hang them from anything under the sun, adding a gorgeous touch to any theme. Dangle them from trees at your garden fete! Or from the twine that's been tied between two palm trees at your beach party! Hang in your tent to sway over the dance floor! These paper pom poms come un-assembled, but they're a snap to put together. Each pom pom comes with a 34" white satin ribbon for simple hanging. Combine small and large sized pom poms in a few different colors for added interest.
18" (Dia)

includes a 34" satin ribbon for hanging