Popular Baby Shark Themed Birthday Party Supplies

I am hearing kids singing the “Baby Shark” song in the parks and dancing the shark dance with their straight arms. My little one is thinking, “What is going on?” He is a bit too little to sing and dance, but he is smiling with all his 12 teeth that he has.

Baby Shark is a new trend among the kiddos and I am sure one of you was or will be asked to prepare a birthday party with sharks!

So, we have a few things in our store to get you ready on a budget.

  1. Baby Shark Theme Party Kit that consists of 83 pieces! Includes table cover, 10 paper cups, 10 paper plates, 20 napkins, a banner from 10 flags, 6 party hats, 10 gift or loot bags and 10 straws. The shipping is free worldwide and takes 15-30 days to arrive, however, your savings are maximum as this set is now only CAD $45.99! You can have a whole party decor prepared in under $50. What a steal! 

Baby Shark Theme Party Kit (83 pc)

If you are looking to get specific Baby Shark themed items that are separate from the set here we have more ideas below.
2. Baby Shark Themed Table Cover

3. Baby Shark Toothpick Food Skewers can be placed as cupcake toppers or they can serve as a pick-up tool for fruits and veggies.

Baby Shark Toothpick Food Skewers

4. Baby Shark Straws

Baby Shark Straws

5. Baby Shark Party Hats Cones would definitely add a celebration mood!

Baby Shark Party Hats Cones

6. Baby Shark Party Invitations are small and cute so that they can be easily placed in a planner or a fridge for a reminder!

7. Baby Shark Paper Plates

Baby Shark Paper Plates

8. Baby Shark Paper Cups

Baby Shark Paper Cups

9. Baby Shark Happy Birthday Banner

10. Baby Shark Cake Topper Happy Birthday will save you a headache with a birthday cake! Just pop it in the center of the cake and you are done!

Baby Sharks Cake Topper Happy Birthday


11. Baby Shark Napkins

Baby Shark Napkins

12. Baby Shark Noise Makers Blowouts

Baby Shark Noise Makers Blowouts

13. Baby Shark Favor Loot Boxes are more environmentally friendly than loot bags!

14. Baby Shark Forks. Well who wants to wash the dishes? Nobody! They are also safer for children’s teeth.

Baby Shark Forks


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