DIY: Easter Bunny Milk Bottles

Decorate your Easter table with these adorable easy to make Easter Bunny milk bottles. We have included the bunny face and ears printable for you to download for free!

Here are the supplies you will need and some easy to follow steps: 

– Milk bottles

– Bunny printable

– Cotton balls

– Milk

– Double-faced tape or a glue gun

– Scissors

– Orange paper straw

Download the free printable by clicking here.  We recommend you use 110 lb white card stock for this print. 

Once your printables are ready, simply cut them out and attach them to the milk bottle using double sided tape or a glue gun. 


We placed the ears on the rim on the milk bottle and the face on the front of the bottle. 



Cotton balls are perfect for creating your Easter bunny’s fluffy little tail.  Turn the milk bottle around and place a cotton ball near the bottom of the bottle. 


Now just fill the bottle with milk and add an orange paper straw as your bunny’s carrot stick. 


This is a fun Easter activity to do with your kids, or surprise them on Easter morning with a cute new way to drink their milk! 


Happy Party Planning 


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