DIY: Giant Balloon with Tassels

I’m sure you all have seen these giant balloons popping up at birthday parties, showers, weddings, and photo shoots.  They are beautiful and so simple to recreate for your own event.

Here is what you will need:

30″ or 36″ balloon. The pearl and metallic colors come in a 30″ size, but the rest you will find in a 36″ size.
Tissue garland kit. This kit has 16 tassels and will be enough for two balloons. You can also use your own tissue paper and cut them into 1/2″ strands.
Balloon weight

To begin, you need to get your balloon inflated.  You can purchase a helium tank, but the best option would be to take it to a party store.  The charge will vary based on your area, but average price is between $4-6 per balloon.  Always ask them to add a few pumps of high float, this will make your balloon last longer.  We’ve had balloons hanging around the office for weeks and they still look great!

Begin by removing everything from the kit and organizing the color order of your tassels.  You then grab the first piece of tissue paper and lay it out in front of you.  Begin to fold at about 1/2″ horizontal folds away from you.  Once you have folded the entire piece of paper make sure the tissue stands are untangled and fold the tissue paper in the middle.   Use the little stick that is included in the kit and place in the middle where you made the fold.  Hold on to the tissue and begin to twist the stick. Keep twisting and pinching the tissue paper making sure it will stay in place until you reach the point of where the strands begin.  Once completely twisted, remove the stick from the tissue and you should have a little hole left in its place to put your string or ribbon through.  Continue this process with the rest of the tissue paper.  You can tie knots between each tassel, helping them stay in place.  You then can attach your tassels to your balloon. 

If you would like to create the tassels out of your own tissue paper you simply fold the sheets of tissue paper in half and begin cutting 1/2″ strands leaving  about 2″ at the top of the paper near the fold. Once the strands are cut, you open up the sheet of paper and follow the steps shown in the video.

If you live in the London, Ontario area and would love to have these completed balloons at your next event, contact us for price and options.

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Happy Party Planning!


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