DIY: Tulle Pom Poms

If you drop by the Partystock office, you will find these tulle poms literately everywhere.  We are a little obsessed with these sweet poms and just can’t help create them in every color and size.  They are an easy and fun do it yourself project that gives off such a dreamy effect in pictures.  Add them to a party backdrop or hang them from the ceiling. Use them to dress up any girly themed birthday party, baby/bridal shower, or wedding.  The mini poms are adorable when used to decorate gifts, favor bags and cupcake toppers.  Once you begin making them, you will find so many uses for these pretty poms.

Here is a list of what you will need and some simple instructions on how to create them:

25 yard roll of tulle that is 6 inches wide

Thin object to wrap tulle around.  Some examples:  piece of cardboard, magazine, book, package of straws, paper plate, etc.  Try to find a material that is thin and sturdy, but can be a little flexible.

Sharp Scissors

Ribbon for hanging

From our experience, one 25 yard roll will make the following sizes:

1 – 16 inch tulle pom pom

2 – 8 inch tulle pom poms

4 – 3-4 inch tulle pom poms

Start by cutting a 6-12 inch piece of tulle and setting it aside.  Then grab the rest of your tulle and let it unroll to make wrapping easier. Begin by wrapping the tulle around your object 20-25 times.  The more times you wrap the tulle, the thicker and fluffier your pom will be.  When done wrapping, cut your tulle separating it from the rest of the roll and carefully slide it off making sure you don’t lose the shape or unwind the tulle.  Pinch the middle and tie the short piece of cut tulle in a tight double knot.  It should now resemble a bow.  Then, take your scissors and begin snipping the ends of the tulle loops.  When you have cut open all the loops, bunch up each end and trim the tulle to make each piece the same length and even out each side.  Finally just fluff until you have a perfectly round ball.

I hope you have fun creating these poms and Happy Party Planning!


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