Halloween Party Design Featured on the Steven and Chris Show

I’m so excited to share the details of this amazing Halloween Party Theme I designed for the Steven and Chris show on CBC. I had so much fun putting together all of the elements. Here are a few of the details that went into creating this display, but you can watch the full segment HERE.

I started with creating my color palette and general theme. I went with the traditional Halloween colors of black and orange. I then added a deep purple, hints of lime green and of course gold.
Gold is my favorite color this year and can be incorporated into so many party themes.
I knew I wanted to incorporate lots of adorable Owls to keep it fun and innocent, but I also added some bats and spiders to keep it spooky.

Four main areas of the set were decorated; the dinning table, candy table, main wall and bar cart. Here are the details of each of these areas.

The Dinning Table:
Since I was incorporating so many bold colors, I started off with a simple white dinning table and modern white dinning chairs. Under the table I added a soft area rug in a rich plum color.
Each chair was wrapped with a black ribbon and a glitter spider web decor.
I draped the dinning table with a fun and simple white runner with Halloween themed silhouettes and found some spider web place mats that I used for each setting.
Since this party was designed for kids, I wanted to use colorful paper plates. These paper plates make cleaning up easy and still look great.
I started with the Paper Eskimo black tie striped dinner plate, added a purple or orange dessert plate (alternating colors) and then topped off each table setting with a Halloween themed sugar cookie.
I wrapped the cutlery with a napkin and tied it with some green twine. To make things a little more spooky, I added a glitter spider napkin ring on top.
On the opposite side of the cutlery, I placed candy tube favors tied with a gift tag.
Finally to each setting I added lime green juice in a glass french square milk bottle and a paper straw taped with washi tape.
The centerpiece of the table was a set of three decorative glass owls in different sizes and colors.

Candy table:
The star of the candy table was a beautiful 3 tiered fondant cake created by Beyond Sugar. This beautiful cake brought together elements of silhouettes that we used on the backdrop wall and in the table runner.
On each side of the cake I filled two big apothecary vases with black and orange jelly beans. Also added to the dessert table were cupcakes in black and white baking cups, candy apples, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy bags.
The cake and desserts were displayed on classic black milk glass cake stands to give height and dimension to the table.
Along the front of the candy table, I attached a pretty tassel garland following my exact color theme.
One of my favorite DIY projects from this party design are the spray painted vases Chris and I talked about on the segment. I wanted them to match the candy corn in the candy tubes, so I took plain white vases and spray painted them in the same color pattern. I used Krylon spray paint in purple, yellow and orange.
DIY tip: Always spray paint items out doors or in well ventilated areas like a garage. Then allow the items to dry for a few hours before handling them. 

The Bar Cart:
Definitely my favorite part of the party. Who says bar carts can’t be used for kids parties!
I filled this beautiful apothecary glass drink canister with lime juice and next to it I set out some colorful paper cups, napkins and paper straws. I then decorated the bottom of the cart with some more Halloween decor. 

Back Wall:
The back wall was painted in a light purple to look like a midnight sky. Along one side I fanned out 3D paper bats. These were super easy to make. Simply download the free bat printable listed below and cut out each bat by hand. Don’t worry about cutting them out perfectly, just fill in any white spaces with a black sharpie. Then fold the wings and attach to the wall using double sided tape. This gives such a dramatic effect.
Next I hung three pictures on the wall using the silhouette prints placed inside of a decorative black picture frame. To make the pictures more unique, you can always create silhouettes of your kids and get them printed on poster paper. The center owl silhouette picture tied in the owl centerpiece from the dinning table perfectly. 

Halloween Party Food:
No Halloween party is complete without some finger foods for your guests to enjoy. I kept things kid friendly with this party and created some simple items that are easy to make and are favorites among most kids.
I made the bat jam sandwiches using white, whole wheat and pumpernickel bread and cut them using a small and large bat cookie cutter.
The mummy wrapped hot dogs were displayed in black and white striped snack trays and then placed on top of white plates that were lined with colorful decorative paper. I always use simple white plates for my parties, but I change them up to match my theme by adding a sheet of colored card stock.
The pumpkin cutout tortilla chips were made with two different flavored tortilla wraps and again I used a cookie cutter to create the pumpkin shape. I then alternated the toasted colored chips on a round platter and added a cup of salsa to the middle.

Here are the easy to follow recipes for these tasty treats.

Mummy wrapped hot dogs:
crescent roll dough
hot dogs
Ketchup and mustard to decorate.
Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees
Open your packages of crescent rolls and place on a cutting board. Using a pizza cutter, cut into thin 1/4 inch strips. Then just take each uncooked hot dog and wrap with the stripes of dough until most of it is covered. Make sure to leave some room at the top for the eyes, but the rest can be done as messy as you like. You then bake on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper for 15-20 mins or until golden brown. Using a tooth pick, dot two eyes with either ketchup or mustard. 

Bat Sandwiches:
Your kids’ favorite type of bread. I like to use a few different types to add some contrast.
Jam, cheese, peanut butter (Kid’s choice)
Bat cookie cutter
I discovered that by toasting the bread lightly, it was easier to cut into it with the cookie cutter and get a more defined shape. Then add your filling of choice and top with another slice. It doesn’t get easier than this, but you can see how amazing they look and kids will enjoy eating them.

Pumpkin Tortilla Chips:
Sun dried Tomato and Spinach tortilla wraps
pumpkin cookie cutter
Another easy treat to make. This time I cut out the pumpkin shapes first and then toasted the tortillas lightly in the oven for about 5 minutes. Present them on a platter alternating the colored tortilla and add some salsa or sour cream to the center.

I hope you enjoyed watching and learning more about this fun party theme. Please comment below if you have any questions. I would love to see how you decorate your own Halloween party, so please send me your pictures and I may feature your party on our blog! You can also tag us on social media using #partystock or @partystock

Happy Halloween!




Photography/Graphic Design – Eddie Manuel Photography
Three Tiered Cake – Beyond Sugar
Chocolate Covered Pretzels – Saleme Fayad

Items I used that can be found in our shop:
Paper plates
Paper cups
Paper straws
Milk bottles
Candy tubes
Pedestal cake stands
Tassel garland
Candy bags
Baking cups
Apothecary Jars

Don’t forget to download all the FREE  printables to decorate your own Halloween parties.  Simple download, print, cut and decorate!

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