How To Make a Gumball Necklace


I first made these gumball necklaces for my daughter’s Pink Hollywood Glam Birthday Party.  Each guest received a gumball necklace and matching tutu to wear at the party as part of their party favor.  The girls were trilled and felt so special in their party outfits.  I’ve since received so many requests to make a tutorial on how we created them.   You can re-create these necklaces as a kid’s party craft, use them as party favors, give them as Valentine’s Day or birthday gifts.

Here is what you will need:

1 inch gumballs in various colors (each 16 oz bag will give you about 58-60 gumballs)

Ribbon in any color

Thick sewing needle, large paper clip or a thick wire with one end curved to hold the ribbon

Wooden or metal skewer

Option: electric drill (only if used properly)

To begin, prepare the gumballs by puncturing a hole in each end.  This can be done in two ways.  You can carefully poke through using a metal or wooden skewer doing one side at a time.  You have to apply quite a bit of pressure and do each end of the gumball separately or it will just get crushed.  If you have experience using an electric drill, you can attach a wooden skewer (cut in half) to the end of the drill and slowly drill the whole through the gumball, drilling the hole complete through the gumball at once.

You then measure out your ribbon.  I don’t like to make these necklaces too close to the neckline, so don’t go too short on the ribbon.  You can also allow some extra ribbon to tie knots between each gumball.  To thread your ribbon, you can use a large sewing needle, an opened paper clip with one end still curved, or I just used a thick metal wire and curved one end to make a loop to secure the ribbon.

Once you begin threading the ribbon through each gumball, make sure to alternate colors or create any pattern you choose.  I usually will include about 6-10 gumballs on each necklace.  You can choose to tie knots between each gumball, add mini gumballs in between each larger gumball, or add any acrylic jewelry charms.  Once your necklace is complete, tie the two ends of the ribbon together in a pretty bow.

Hope you try these for your next party and please leave a comment or send me a picture of your creation!

Happy Party Planning!


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