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We asked our very talented friend Allison of Love Nest Design to be a guest blogger and give us her ideas on incorporating design into a party.  

Here is what Allison had to say about Party By Design:

Many of the elements of Interior Design can be applied to party planning and these principles can be easier to apply than you might think!  The three most prominent elements that can be employed are; Color, Pattern and Repetition.

When it comes to parties the sky is the limit!  The décor is temporary and festive which means color can be used in all its glory.  From bright and playful to subdued and romantic, color choice in party planning is key to setting the foundation for a great design.  As illustrated below by this gorgeous garden party, yellow is the main color.  It is supported beautifully by white, grey, and pops of natural greens.  The colors used often play a role in the foods offered as well. Here lemons match the yellow ribbons on the straws, and the dessert custard mimics the pale yellow flowers.

As a general rule when playing with pattern, a large print paired with a smaller geometric pattern or two and/or a solid creates a fluid visual interest.  This element is an essential partner to color, and can be incorporated into party design not only through printed patterns but through food arrangement and display as well.

This Chanel party boasts a large bold pattern in the black and white back-drop. Combined with the circular signage pattern, and solid tablecloth it creates the perfect pattern trio.  Even the cake reflects this arrangement with a floral, a small geometric dot, and a tone on tone pattern.

Repeating elements throughout a design helps to create a cohesive result.   In this design the circles are repeated on the wall, on the cake and as confetti on the table.  Ribbons or bows also play a role as they show up on the cakes, the straws, and as the main feature on the wall.  Together with a solid pattern and color scheme this little vignette really takes the cake.

There is one more element that is used in party design, and that is theme.  Often in Interior Design a ‘theme’ may be alluded to or nearly non existent.  But what may be considered tacky in your living room (a glaring nautical theme for example), can really be the one thing that sets your party design apart.  Parties by their very nature are held for specific reasons and what better than a theme to help accentuate those festivities even more!

This Mad Hatter Tea Party was put together for a Bridal Shower.  It is perfectly themed with little ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ tags, heart straws and table confetti to represent the Queen of Hearts. Vintage mismatched tea cups and pots were used to create that eccentric Mad Hatter look.  

These basic design principles really help to pull a party, themed or not, together.  Color, pattern and repetition when used together can help anyone create a perfectly designed party.


Links to all the pictures used above can be found on Allison’s pinterest party board.

Thanks for sharing this with us Allison!

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