Pokemon Themed Birthday Party

For the past year my son has been completely obsessed with Pokemon cards. He loves collecting them, trading them with friends, learning about each of the characters and even watching the cartoon. So it was no surprise that this was the theme he wanted for his 7th birthday party. I struggled a little because I had no clue how I was going to get creative with this theme, but I love a challenge!

I started off by learning a little more about the characters and the concept of the Pokemon cards. I was a little clueless at first, but my son had a blast teaching me all about his favourite characters and their powers.

Similar to his last party, I had my brother create a backdrop of the main characters to go behind the dessert table. By creating a backdrop, it really helped tie in the theme of the party. I also printed some of the main characters at about 2 feet high, glued them on to foam board and then cut them out to stand up as 3D characters.

This Pokemon power ball cake was created by Every Occasion Cakes and was the center of the dessert table. Around the cake are three of the most popular Pokemon characters created out of fondant

Since most kids love cupcakes, I also ordered these delicious cupcakes with fondant toppers in different character faces.

These amazing sugar cookies were definitely my favourite part of the dessert table. Created by Meyada, owner of Beyond Sugar, the cookies were so intricate with detail and so well created. They were just as delicious as they were beautiful and the kids loved them!

No party is complete without an activity to keep the kids busy. My good friend Cassie, owner of Curiosity Box came in and set up an amazing craft table for the kids. Each child had their own station setup with 1 superhero cape to decorate including shapes, glitter glue, markers and a sticker and extra felt to cut their own shapes, 1 superhero mask, 1 sticky hand, and a flying superhero. This kept the kids busy the entire time and in addition to their goodie bag, they had a fun craft to take home.

I love homemade pinatas and this one was so easy to make! I just took a 16″ round white paper lantern and glued a piece of card board to the bottom to keep all the candy in. I created this to resemble the power ball (similar to the cake), so I only needed red and white tissue paper. I cut the tissue paper into four inch strips and then started cutting each one into fringe. This part takes time and a good pair of scissors, so I recommend you prep all the tissue paper first and then glue. I then started from the bottom and worked my way up. I finished it off with a strip of black construction paper for the center and a white circle.

This party was so much fun and I know my son loved every part of it.

Happy Party Planning!


Vendor Credits:
Party Designer – Lina Manuel
Photographer/Graphic Designer – Eddie Manuel Photography
Birthday Cake and cupcakes – Every Occasion Cakes
Sugar Cookies – Beyond Sugar
Party Crafts – Curiosity Box

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