St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Desserts

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, here are two delicious treats to get you seeing green and to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I wanted to add a twist to my favorite dessert, red velvet with cream cheese frosting (anything)! I’ve made red velvet cake, cupcakes, cake pops, cupcakes in a jar, push pops, and whoopie pies. I have also tried many different batter recipes, but my favorite Red Velvet recipe is by Laura Vitale. It is simple and easy to follow and she even provides a video tutorial showing how its done. I will however admit, that I always keep a box of red velvet cake mix stashed in my pantry for those busy days that call for something sweet. 

For these cupcakes, I used Laura’s red velvet recipe and just substituted the red food coloring with green food coloring.  I added a little extra of the green to make sure they stayed bright and vibrant even after they were baked.  I used our gold foil cupcake wrappers to bake them in and after piping the cream cheese frosting, I decorated the cupcakes with edible rainbow pearls and some green chocolate shamrocks made by my friend Sherry

Enjoy these cupcakes with a cup of chocolate mint hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows and a green chocolate shamrock. Perfectly sweet and festive! 

I hope you enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day inspired treats and they bring some luck and sweetness to your day!

Happy Party Planning!


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