Super Mario Themed Birthday Party


My son loves anything Super Mario, so it was no surprise to me when he insisted on this theme for his birthday party.  As an event planner, I had something different in mind, but I wanted him to be happy. So, the party planning began!

I started by asking him what he likes the most about Super Mario and his answer was “I want to feel like I’m in Super Mario’s world”.  He was very excited and expressed his confidence that I could make it happen…lol.

I started to brainstorm with my brother/photographer/sidekick, Eddie.  🙂

Eddie began by creating this backdrop for our dessert table:

Measuring 6 feet long and 4 feet high, the backdrop truly incorporated the many worlds of Super Mario, which for my son became Super Omar!

My son loves this poster and it now hangs in his room!

These are the different elements of the Party Table.


A two tiered cake created by Every Occasion Cakes, was the center of the table. I emailed Martha a picture of the backdrop and I was so happy with what she created.  The cake was amazing and it fit our theme perfectly!  She also created cupcakes with fondant toppers that were adorable!

Sherry’s Choco-Lollies & Treats created chocolate lollipops in Super Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Star and Mustache shapes.  They were attached to paper straws instead of lollipop sticks.  They were actually pretty sturdy and looked great!

One Diva and a Cupcake created cookies with fondant toppers of the different Super Mario characters.  The kids loved these and each got to choose their favourite character to eat!

I love using push pop containers, so I decided to take out the sticks and fill them with fruit.  We had fun decorating them and each child got to take one home in their favour box.

Of course, no dessert table is complete without milk bottles.  I decorated these with character cut outs and paper straws.

Finally, candy!  I added gumballs and sixlets in red, blue, green and yellow, which added so much colour to the table.  Peach Slices were added for my daughter because she was Princess Peach for the day!  The kids also got to take home gumball tubes and lollipops.  I guess it’s true what my family and friends say, no one ever leaves one of my parties without a sugar rush!


Eddie created the backdrop, invitations, coloured paper ribbons, character cut outs and printables that anyone can download for free.  I also found some other free printables that I incorporated as well.  You can find links to all of these free printables below.  They are so easy to print and cut out, so please share with anyone you know planning a Super Mario birthday theme.

We printed a bunch of the different characters onto cardstock, cut them out and placed them on different items as decor.  They added some dimension to the table and the kids had a blast examining and talking about them.

We bought PVC plastic tubes from Home Depot and spray painted them a glossy green colour to make them look like the sewer tubes in Super Mario. They turned out great and were so easy to make. By adding a piece of styrofoam inside, we were able to display the lollipops. We first inserted wooden skewers and then placed the straws on top of them so they would stay in place. Character cutouts were added as decor, making it look like Mario and Luigi were coming out of the sewer. Again, the kids picked up on this and loved it!

Using one of our punches, I punched out different character faces and added them to the push pop containers and milk bottles. The riser boxes were wrapped in the Super Mario brick pattern paper.  Again, adding dimension to the table is key to making it stand out in pictures.

At the end of the party, each child got a chance to fill their favour box with candy and goodies to take home with them.  I decorated the boxes with a strip of washi tape and added a scalloped cut out character with 3D foam stickers.

Apart from the main dessert table, I dressed the kitchen table with a simple white linen tablecloth and set out each child’s place setting.  I matched plates, napkins, cups, cutlery , straws, and favour boxes in alternating colours of blue, red, and green.  Above the table, I hung pretty paper lanterns in the same three colours.  This added such a pop of colour, and tied in to the whole theme of the party.

We had a blast putting this party together and truly, the best part was watching my son and his friends enjoy it!  As Moms, we often put a lot of time and energy into creating these birthday parties for our children, but these are memories that they will keep with them forever.  To me, that makes it all worth it!

Happy Party Planning!


Vendor Credits:
Party Designer – Lina Manuel
Photographer/Graphic Designer – Eddie Manuel Photography
Two tired Birthday Cake – Every Occasion Cakes
Chocolate Lollipops – Sherry’s Choco-Lollies & Treats
Cookies – One Diva and a Cupcake

Free Printables:**Please note that we did not design or create any of these images. They are registered trademarks of Nintendo. We simply put them into pdf format for you to print and use for personal use only.

Character Cut-outs
Character Faces
Coloured Ribbon Strips
Brick Riser Paper Wrap
Additional Free Printables

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Paper Straws

Paper Lanterns



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