Embossed Floral Elegance with Rustic Elegance Personalization - Accessory Cards Black



Understated yet so very elegant, here is a charming design that proves “less is more”. The result is simply lovely.
Dimensions are:
Folded Vertical: 9.5 cm (W) x 12.75 cm (H), Flat Vetical: 18.5 cm (W) x 12.75 cm (H)Folded Horizontal: 12.75 cm (W) x 9.5 cm (H), Flat Horizontal: 12.75 cm (W) x 18.5 cm (H)
Folded Vertical: 3.75″ (W) x 5″ (H), Flat Vertical: 7.25″ (W) x 5″ (H)Folded Horizontal: 5″ (W) x 3.75″ (H), Flat Horizontal: 5″ (W) x 7.25″ (H)

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