Mini Classic Red Gumball Dispenser



This little gumball machine mirrors that oh-so-classic gumball machine right down to it’s true “Dubble Bubble” gumballs. Great for any party, occasion, birthday or send-off… This gumball machine includes red, pink, yellow and orange colored gumballs. Gumballs are approximately 1/4″, machines come with approximately 20-30 gumballs that are in a plastic bag inside the dispenser.

• 12.7cm H, 5.08cm W at the base, holds 50g
• Gumballs included (color assortment as shown).
• Ribbon and tag sold separately

The top can be twisted off and reused with either gum or other small candies. Each gumball dispenser is shrink wrapped, but not in its own box. Also, there is a Double Bubble sticker on each machine. Just turn the crank and be rewarded with an authentic Double Bubble gumball!

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